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Selling the low-code way should be fun, easy and make sense for both our partners and our customers!

This is why we have spent time and effort on developing a "How2Buy" process with the ambition to provide

customer value throughout the customer journey. 

You can click on the different steps to get a description and supporting material that is relevant for the step of the customer journey.




Typically this is the first step in the customer journey - finding out what Low-code is and the general benefits. Flowfactory will support you by providing a 20 minute introduction to Low-code. Book a time for yourself, and invite your customer - or enter your customer's details and we will contact them to find a suitable time!

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When an understanding of the general concept, and business benefits of Low-code, it may be time to enter the "what's in it for me?" - phase. This phase typically includes a product introduction or demo, and the customers will start to think about how Low-code could speed up the digital journey - and how Flowfactory in specific would fit into that picture.

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At this point it may be time to get into building a real application.


The reason customer take this first step is often two-pronged:

  • To gain buy-in from colleagues and customers 

  • To understand by own experience how low-code development is different

By investing in a kick-start sprint, delivered by Flowfactory's on-boarding team or one of our certified partners - the customer will understand how much can be done in a couple of weeks. The experience should be amazing! 

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Implementing a new application takes more than just creating and launching the application.

Change Management (for internal implementations) is often a critical success factor - why are we implementing this new application?, - what are the benefits, and "what's in it for me?" - are questions that need to be addressed.

Creating a road-map for adjustments and refinements and how to handle ongoing support are other aspects that our certified partners can provide via tailored SLAs.

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