Flow Factory AB - The platform for building rich cloud applications! The platform for building rich cloud applications!


Easy development, management and distribution of rich cloud applications.
Move up to 10 times faster from idea to user adoption compared to normal development.

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FlowFactory provides us with user-friendly access to customers, products, agreements and quotations in a single system. It also gives us direct support for our business processes. Siemens Industry Sector is one of the most effective divisions within Siemens, and FlowFactory clearly contributes to this.
Magnus Årvik, Manager e-Business and Processes
Login Hasselberg
Our clients are predominantly law-firms handling insolvency, and the system we provide is at the core of their business. We wanted to create a modern cloud-based system with a solid user interface, that would incorporate the ability to quickly increase the scope of functionality. We benefitted from many of the built-in, standardized functions of the platform, and from the flexibility to integrate with custom-developed modules. The FlowFactory platform made it possible to realize our ambitions.
Erik Hasselberg, Founder